Monday, March 23, 2015

Catching up

I've spent some time catching up on blogs I used to read...before I abandoned the Chevelle Chronicles for two years.

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of one prominent equine personality--the gal's only horse and the reason for her blog.  I found myself in tears several times reading through how everything unfolded for her and for him.

I often think if I hadn't already had Chevy when I had to put Ben down, I probably would have been out of the horse world for a long time.  My whole life would have been different.  There is just no way to be prepared for the reality of that sort of loss.

But I DID have Chev, and even though I couldn't bring myself to come down to the barn for a couple of days after he died (wonderful barn owner stepped up for horse care during that time) desire to see her and take care of her got me into my car.

She kept me going.  She got me out of the house, she got me back in the saddle, and she was there for me in her not-at-all-anthropomorphized horse way.  She had known him more of her life than not when he passed, and I have to think, although in a much healthier way than I, she was missing him, too.

So when I was done reading, I got up, put on my coat, went out the door and fed them their dinner, and gave each a good, deep groom, dropping sheets of blond and brown hair to the ground, respectively.  It's another Spring already this year, and they are 9 and 4.  I thanked them for being around and carrying me, I gave them extra scratches, and I reminded myself to take more time to be thankful for each day.


  1. I'm crappy about commenting these days, but it's good to see you back and man, your yellow pony is looking GORGEOUS!!

    1. Mona--Yay! I am so happy to see you're still blogging. It's always a pleasure to read what you've been up to :)

      T thanks you...she thinks she's pretty, too.