Monday, March 18, 2013

We have been

cooling our jets all winter.

The girls have been stabled at a private place with tons of mud.  Tiny has been stalled most of the winter with strange lamenesses.  I now have an almost full set of xrays on her, which show no evidence of anything alarming.  She's now moving wonderfully.  Chev has been fine, lost a little weight over her first Oregon winter outside in the rain (despite her ridiculously expensive waterproof blankets).  They're both heading to a lovely full care barn at the end of the month where they'll share a mud-free acre pasture with a double-wide shelter.

I have been in a working more-than-full-time funk.  I get up before the sun rises, work all day, head to the barn, check on the girls, turn them out on grass, clean, water, feed, restock, put them up and head home after dark.  It's been, frankly, exhausting.

But, change is coming. 

And change is something we all need.