Saturday, April 20, 2013

The girls

are doing well!

Chev's gained at least 75 pounds in three weeks...and Tiny's lost a little, but she was hog fat when we moved in--and on stall rest.

She is not terribly thrilled about being tied to a post.

What beautiful, sunny weather we have had in the PNW lately!  The girls got their feet done, and I got a sunburn.

I wish you and yours all the best.  Summer's in no time at all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A dear friend of mine

in Wyoming pointed out how I am not doing a very good job keeping up on this blog.

To be honest, it's been hard.

Chevelle has had a very rough winter and "lost a little weight" is a gross understatement.  I don't even recognize my horse when I look at her.  Teeth, deworming, and other things all seem fine according not just to my paranoid self but two of the vets at work.  I'll be pulling blood on her next week...just to be safe.  Personality wise, she's her same old self.

When I look at her, it makes me want to cry.

This is when she looked like last summer after her return to Oregon:

And this is what she looked like a month and a half ago.

I have been more or less in shock about it.  I have had this horse since she was a bouncing two-year-old, and I haven't known her to lose a pound.  She hated the old barn she and Tiny were at (which was pretty nice, even, and certainly not cheap!), and despite pouring calories into her, she just kept losing weight.  She also stopped eating on me.

Now, at the new place, which she has only been at for two-and-a-half weeks, she's already starting to look better...but it can't come soon enough.

Chev at the new place as I got in my car last night
Meanwhile, Tiny is doing fine post trying to slice her front foot off with her own rear hoof.  She's wrapped and healing well.  And has bell boots on all the time.  I think she might have even grown a little.
Come in from their private pasture

So, I think things are looking up.  I am impatient to have my fat, shiny horse back, but at least I have my happy horse back.  Here's what she looked like just a couple of days after moving:

Grr...Tiny, get lost.

And, Tiny is still as sweet as ever.  And...her mane has grown back a little.

Acre of pasture to herself...still manages to get poop on her face.

So...we'll wait and see.

Leaving already?